Summer Wed Schedule


*One on one Discipleship – This two week class will serve to define and outline the discipleship process that Jesus talked about in Matthew 28. We will answer the question….”what exactly is the great commission?”.

*Ladies Study 1– Four weeks with sisters in Christ, learning from the book of Philippians.

*Evergreen 301– Discover your S.H.A.P.E. for ministry by exploring your Spiritual gifts, your Heartbeat for ministry, the Abilities you possess, your unique Personality, and the value of your Experiences.

*Apologetics– These seven weeks will prepare you to share and defend your faith in a world of confusion and false religion.

*Parent University– Parent University is a four week class that will cover topics ranging from basic foundations to parenting styles and correction and discipline. This is the only class that we are offering during the Summer that will have child care, in order to allow parents to attend. Register for child care with Valarie Land if you plan to attend these four sessions.

*Ladies Study 2– Four weeks exploring the book of Colossians with a community of ladies.

*Financial Freedom– This four week course will equip you to live by God’s design for your finances, work, and life.

*Worship– Week 1-“Worship According to Jehoshaphat”: Worship is coming with our fears & battles while declaring the greatness of God.  Come find out what this looks like through the lens of Jehoshaphat. Week 2– “Worship- Living in God’s Story”: Worship is risky.  Find out how to have a second-by-second approach to your worship through the story of Moses.  It’s not about who you are…It’s about “I AM” who is with you.

*Developing a Prayer Life– Join Gary Merryman for two weeks of learning how to deepen your prayer life. Week 1- Preparation for Prayer- Understanding the majesty of God and preparing ourselves to enter into His presence; Week 2- Performance of Prayer- There is nothing more important to the growth and maturity of a Christian than learning to communicate effectively with God.

*Leadership Training– This one week session is for existing and new LifeGroup shepherds. All LifeGroup shepherds are encouraged to attend.

Room assignments will be posted in the Gathering Area.

Please RSVP for Evergreen 301 to Scott Meeks and for childcare for Parent University to Valarie Land.