Evergreen Global is an expression we use to communicate our dedication to taking the message and ministry of Jesus to the entire world.

Partnership Brazil (June 6-15)brazil_flag
Evergreen has an on-going partnership with doctors and missionaries in Brazil with Mario and Renata Gomes and MD Network. The purpose of MD Network is to help local churches impact their communities for Christ by providing tools, strategies, training, and opportunities in missions and discipleship. Our mission team members work with the Gomes to help them in their mission work through local churches.

Partnership Guatemala (June 27-July 6)     guatemala
The Student Ministry of Evergreen has launched a partnership with Casa Aleluya, an orphanage in Guatemala.  The student on this mission will be involved in working with the orphans as well as outreach in the community. To learn more contact Phil Dietz at pdietz@evergreenbc.org

Baptist Medical Dental Missions International (Nicaragua)   nica
“More than just medicine”  Evergreen has partnered with other churches to send team members on a one week trip to Nicaragua on this medical mission trip. But this trip is not limited to medical professionals. There are places and jobs for anyone willing to give themselves to helping people in need and sharing the saving message of Jesus. The 2014 mission trip is scheduled for May 31 – June 7. For more information contact Pastor Emilio. To learn more about BMDMI go their website:    www.bmdmi.org

e3Partners Missions (Russia)    russia flag
Members from Evergreen have joined e3 to go to Russia for several years. e3 Partners is focused on equipping God’s people everywhere to share Christ’s love in word and deed. This is done through providing tools and proclaiming the Gospel to emerging nations by loving, reaching, training, equipping and multiplying the laborers. They are also dedicated to evangelizing the world by growing disciple-making leaders and establishing churches that multiply and make a lasting impact on their surrounding communities.  www.e3partners.org

International Commission (Throughout the world)
Members from Evergreen have joined IC teams in going to various countries around the world sharing the gospel. In 2013 members went to Israel.  IC teams are equipping and enabling believers worldwide to conduct church-based partnership evangelism projects to reach unbelievers and make disciples.   www.ic-world.org

Reaching Souls International (Africa & Cuba)   cuba flag
Members from Evergreen have joined RSI teams in going to various countries in Africa and Cuba.  Their core driving force is to reach Souls for Christ. Their strategic purpose, therefore, is to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way. Their primary tool is the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) which allows teams of Americans to go for a time of intensive study and training. Pastors and evangelists would make their way to the LDI’s and submit themselves to 4 days of intensive study and 3 days of practical, in-the-field direction. At the end of their time, Bibles in hand, they were more equipped zoloft.  www.reachingsoulsinternational.org

Pure Joy International (Tanzania 2014)    tanzania_flag
Evergreen members are closely connected with Pure Joy International. This ministry sends out teams of women to countries around the world to hold a four day retreat for missionary women. This unique ministry meets a deep need in the lives of those who serve on the front line of missions.    www.purejoyinternational.org

Awe Star Ministries
Several of our students have participated in mission trips with Awe Star Ministries. Awe Star Ministries is challenging students to lay down their adolescence and step into the adult world. In other words, we call them to become like Jesus. We take them out of their comfort zone and give them the choice either to follow Jesus as an adult, or go home.

Awe Star ministry focuses on two things: discipleship and evangelism.

Awe Star is structured to allow your child to experience a Rite of Passage into adulthood by providing him/her with knowledge and skills for adult living. One-half of the trip is designed to impart knowledge, and the other half imparts practical skills in handling communication, finances, leadership, ministry, problem-solving, and more. Awe Star intentionally places your child in supervised situations that allow him/her to try these newfound skills.   www.awestar.org