Evergreen started in a hotel and then met for several years in a school.  The flexibility and creativity that required has left a lasting impression on our people.  Most guests notice the friendliness and freedom of our people right away.

Most people dress casually (though you will spot a few suits), and the atmosphere is informal and comfortable.  There is a balanced spread in our ages and income.  You will experience a mix of musical styles in all of our services (9:00 and 10:30), though each service has it own distinct personality.

Your kids will notice all the other kids around.  From the early days of Evergreen, children have been a priority.  Your kids will be safe, well nurtured and cared for.

You will be warmly welcomed by our “greeters” at the door, and then asked to sign in at our “welcome center.”  This helps us get to know you sooner.  You will notice a lot of name tags.  These serve several purposes, but they will help you get to know others sooner.  It gives you a subtle reminder of names.  Our hope is that they will make you feel more at home and comfortable quickly.  Our “escorts” will help you find where to go (Sunday School classes, Kids Worship, nursery, restrooms, etc.) and introduce you to others at Evergreen.

Many people comment about our pastor being a great teacher.  He usually preaches through a series of sermons.  Whether the series is topical or verse-by-verse through a Bible book, this helps you to better understand the truth in the passage.  Combined with the teaching in Sunday School, this gives you a good input of God’s Word into your life.  Our goal is that you will be able to apply the eternal truth of God’s Word to your specific situation.