Let’s face it, it is not easy finding your place in a new church family! On the one hand, we should not be surprised that every church family is different.  After all, we just have to look around at God’s creation and see how much God loves diversity. Have you ever met anyone just like you before?  I haven’t either.  (Personally, I think that is a good thing.) On the other hand, whether coming with no church background or coming from a church background, there are so many new things and new ways of doing things.

Start Here

Our desire at Evergreen is to shorten the learning curve for all of that.  We are committed to help people find their place at Evergreen.  Evergreen 101 is the first of three major classes that we currently have to help you discover the place God has for you.

  • Evergreen 101 takes a look at the what the Bible has to say about what the church needs to be and shows how we apply that in the 21st century in our culture and context.
  • Evergreen 201 takes a look at four major spiritual disciplines that will help you to grow as God intended and helps to start you on that path of growth.
  • Evergreen 301 helps you takes a look at yourself and how God has uniquely gifted and prepared you for certain ministries and gives you a direct path into those areas of service at Evergreen. 

Evergreen 101 is taught every month on the church campus.  It’s a class you need to attend only one Sunday.  Many that attend know already that they want to join Evergreen.  Others are not sure yet, but want to know more about Evergreen and how it works.  Regardless of where you are in this process, I would encourage you to attend in order to gain a solid biblical foundation for what the church should be, and a good road map of where to go from here. Evergreen 101 is usually held on the second Sunday of each month.  Contact me and we can get you going!