Currently offered at WOW camp two hours south of Tulsa. This draws our largest number of Students for a summer event. It is the week of June 11-15th 2017. This is a great time to develop friendships and grow as a Christian, but it’s also ideal to take a non-Christian friend.
* Our Program will involve two great Bible Teachers (in the morning with expository teaching and at night, with evangelistic messages and great Biblical application.)
* We will have a great Worship Leader who is very sensitive to God’s Spirit and communicates God’s presence through the spoken word and Music. He will be very involved in the lives of our students.
* Camp WOW offers great facilities for recreation and also has a variety of great and fun Late Night Events.
* After each Worship Service we will have a personal Church time to apply the teaching in a large group and in small groups.


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This will appeal to the  “Community”, “Crowd” and the “Committed” student. Camp is our main evangelistic ministry, but there are several other evangelistic opportunities throughout the year.