Sunday Morning Table Talks

We combine A Master Teacher with Small Group Leaders to give a mixture of large group/small group, which keeps things moving and interesting to all types of students. We always begin our morning with Student Worship.

Our intention is to reach the “Crowd” of Students – realizing some come for teaching, some for friendships and others just for fun. This helps us to Blend and “Incorporate” them into the Life of the family of Christ.  Teaching the Truth of God’s infallible and authoritative Word is priority!
* Sunday Morning Table Talks @9:00 am  Grades 7-12.
* Worship Times: 10:30 am


L 2

We also offer quarterly “LIFE” classes on Sunday Mornings.
Life 101 is our New Christians class which offers teaching on salvation, security of the believer, the purpose of baptism, and spiritual  growth tools for the new believer. (required for baptism and Mission Trips)
Life 201 is our Spiritual Gifts class that focuses on the 7 “motivational gifts.” We try to help students discover their passion and heart.  (required for Mission Trips)
Life 301 focuses on Apologetic’s and gives practical tools on how to defend your faith in Christ. It also gives context on how other beliefs approach life: atheist, agnostics, pantheist and cults. Detail is given to Biblical truth compared to worldly misconception.  (required for Mission Trips)