Encounter Talks:

On Sunday Mornings at 9AM, students meet upstairs in the youth worship center for a time of worship and to hear a message from one of the Student Ministry Leaders.  After the message, the students meet in small groups based on grades and talk about the lesson.  Student groups are generally lead by two leaders:

7th Grade:

Boys: Rafael Berreiro & Terry McAllister

Girls: Libby Jeffers and Melody Moore

8th Grade:

Boys: Mark Harris and Chad Merrick

Girls:  Kimmy Harris and Ashley Craine

9th Grade:

Boys:  Adrian Martin and Greg Davis

Girls:  Ashley Gonzalez and Kaylie Fitzgerald

10th Grade:

Boys:  Chris Richey and Jay Tollett

Girls:  Lisa Dietz and Debbie Johnsen

11th Grade:

Boys:  Justin McKenzie and Brian Mayfield

Girls:  Becky Owens and Susan Richey

12th Grade:

Boys:  Kyle Freeman

Girls:  Cathie Carter