Encounter Groups:

Encounter groups meet from 5:30pm – 7:30pm inside host homes. The homes are as follows:

7th & 8th Grade:
Host Home: Rafael & Gwen Barreiro
Leaders: Rafael Barreiro & Lexy Polanco

9th & 10th Grade:
Host Home: Kent & Elizabeth Thiessen
Leaders: Nick Buford & Cathie Carter

11th & 12th Grade:
Host Home: Greg & Gina Barnhart
Leaders: AJ & Ashley Gonzalez

The 2017-2018 theme is “The Cost of Discipleship.” We will be challenging students to go all in with their relationship to Christ and His leadership. The material has been written by our Community Pastor Phil Dietz.

The teaching will address various subjects in apologetic’s such as:

  • How to own your own faith
  • How do you know the Bible is real
  • Comparing Jesus to other “gods”
  • Fruits of the Spirit
  • Discipleship subjects that will take them deeper in their Christian walk

We will also design service opportunities that will give them actual, hands on, experience to solidify and establish confidence in their faith.