On Sunday mornings, you can expect a more contemporary (Bethel, Hillsong, etc.) feel for the music in the 10:30am service, and a more blended/traditional mix for our 9:00am service.

Our Mission- (3 P’s & a B):

Presence- A TEAM that worships & pursues God’s presence

Prayer- A TEAM devoted to passionately & boldly praying

Populate- A TEAM that is committed to multiplying/raising up new generation leaders

Battlefield- A TEAM of initiators walking onto the “Battlefield” together.  (In other words, a TEAM that looks for opportunities to serve others and meet the needs of our community…not just a group of musicians)


What We Value- (CASH)

1. Community- We value meeting together as stated in Hebrews 10:24-25

2. Authenticity- We value authenticity in our worship & personal walk with God

3. Servanthood- We value the act of service & to live out Acts 2:42-47

4. Humility- We are a TEAM.  We value looking out for others before thinking of what’s best for us.


Here are a few key ways you can serve on the Evergreen Music team:

  • Instrumentalists (Of all kinds- We currently have a full range of instrumentalists including: Sax, viola, cello, guitars, drums, bass, keys, etc.)
  • Vocalists
  • Sound team
  • Video/Lighting/Media team
  • Recording/Production/Studio Engineering 
  • Creative (Music/Dance/Drama/Art)