Join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 or 10:30.

Our mission is to praise and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with excellence and to draw believers and unbelievers to God through the Worship Ministries of Evergreen Baptist Church.

Thanks for checking out the exciting things that God is doing through our Worship Ministry at Evergreen. Psalm 86:8 says that we are to give God the glory that is due His name, and to bring an offering into His courts. Whether that’s through vocal and instrumental music, drama or dance, or as we live our daily lives in obedience to Him, every moment of our lives should be an expression of gratitude to God – the praise He so rightfully deserves.

Worship is a priority at Evergreen because as we experience the presence of God and learn to surrender, our lives are changed. As we worship, we begin to develop a heart for God, a love for His people, and a passion for those who have yet to experience hope in Christ. We desire to provide a place where all people can meet on common ground at the cross to experience God’s love and forgiveness.

Here are a few of the ways you can serve in the Worship Ministry at Evergreen:

  • Worship Choir
  • Worship Vocal Team
  • Worship Band
  • Technical Teams