Our desire is to get you connected with others in meaningful relationships and in meaningful service right away.


Old-timers tell us that years ago when people would visit a new church, that people would go to Sunday School (a small group Bible Study) and if they liked it, then the next Sunday they would visit the worship service.  Well, that has not been the norm for churches in most of our lifetimes.  However, there is some real wisdom in that strategy.

Today, most people visit the worship service and then later the Sunday School.  These two meeting events are very important for us and for you.  Both serve a different and essential need.  You will find that the Sunday School is the best place to get connected with other people.  You will find in the worship service that our people are very friendly, but in the Sunday School you will find friends.

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Learning without application changes nothing, but learning with application brings about transformation!  So one of our deep convictions is that people need to be using their gifts, experience, talents and knowledge.  There are several ministries that one can get involved in early on at Evergreen.  These are one of the focuses of our Evergreen 101 class.